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SENCER Ambassadors Present at AAAS meeting in Denver, February 16, 2024

Climate justice, which exists at the intersection of climate change and social justice, is a pressing civic issue in the 21st century. This presentation session will focus on resources for using climate justice and civic engagement as a framework for teaching STEM in a context that is relevant for today’s “climate generation” of students. The session will introduce the principles of climate justice, focusing on the importance of equity in deciding whose voices are heard and who is represented in discussions of climate policy. In particular, the global communities who are most affected by climate change need to have a seat at the table. Drawing on research literature and a variety of reports, the session will show that STEM courses that focus on issues of equity, justice, and civic engagement improve the retention of women and students of color in STEM majors, since the courses now become more meaningful to students and their communities. Examples from chemistry, oceanography, meteorology, computer science, environmental science, biology, mathematics, physics, and undergraduate research will be presented. Resources such as teaching tools and the Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network will illustrate how faculty can incorporate climate justice issues that are relevant and raise national and international awareness and civic engagement.

Presentation slides:

Pat Marsteller (Emory U.) Organizer

Marsteller AAAS present pdf

Eliza J. Reilly (NCSCE)

Reilly AAAS 2024 pdf

Sonya Doucette (Bellevue College)

Doucette-Feb-2024 pdf.pdf

Ethell Vereen (Moorehouse College)

Vereen FINAL Presentation Vereen AAAS TALK 02142024 1.pdf

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