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Upcoming events

    • 27 Jan 2015
    • 07 Jul 2017
    • Online

    Final reports are required after completion of a Post-Institute Implementation Award.

    • 29 Jan 2015
    • 29 Sep 2017
    • Online

    This is for recipients of Post-Institute Implementation Awards who will not exhaust their funds by the original end date of their award.

    No cost extensions may be granted through 9/30/2017, but no later.

    • 04 Nov 2015
    • 30 Jun 2017
    • Online

    Progress reports are required after year 1 of a Post-Institute Implementation Award.

    • 08 Apr 2017
    • 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM (CDT)
    • Roosevelt University Schaumburg Campus
    The Present and Future of SENCER: Opportunities for Conversation and Implementation Through SCI-Midwest

    SCI-Midwest and Roosevelt are pleased to host its Spring 2017 meeting.

    Attendees will:
    • Learn about the goals of the SENCER project and current trends in STEM education reform.
    • Share examples and updates on practices that enhance civic engagement, student learning and faculty development.
    • Take part in breakout sessions arranged around shared disciplinary, pedagogical and/or community engagement goals.
    • Plan the future of SENCER work in the Midwest region by exploring funding opportunities, collaborations and thematic goals.
    • Have a great lunch!
    All attendees are invited to give 10-minute oral presentations on pedagogical innovations, updates of ongoing projects and new ideas related to the SENCER project goals.

    Sample proposal topics include: Community food systems, urban agriculture, food access, public health policy, health disparities, environmental degradation and restoration, nature and culture, molecular/biochemical basis of disease and quantitative analysis of resource use. Presentations should include a description of how the chosen topic is used to promote civic engagement, work across academic disciplines, promote faculty development and/or contribute to learning objectives at the course or program level.

    Abstracts of 150 words or fewer may be submitted in Word or plain text format to in advance of the meeting.

    If you are unable to attend in person, SCI-Midwest will host online drop-in conversations on April 11 and 12, 12:00-2:00 pm CDT each day. Please contact Robert Seiser ( for more information.

    • 21 Apr 2017
    • 6:30 PM (CDT)
    • 22 Apr 2017
    • 3:00 PM (CDT)
    • Lipscomb University

    We are excited to invite you to the spring 2017 Regional Meeting of the SENCER Center of Innovation South with the theme of Developing Professionals, at Lipscomb University. SENCER SCI-South hopes you will join us to learn about regional innovative research in STEM Education. Topics include undergraduate STEM education for majors and non-majors, assessment of teaching and learning, informal science education, as well as pre-kindergarten through 12th grade STEM education. 

    The SENCER Center of Innovation - South is also soliciting short papers and posters for 20 minute presentations at its Spring 2017 Regional Meeting. Our theme, Developing Professionals, is intentionally inclusive - embracing SENCER-style STEM education for college science majors; the non-major; and the scientist to be, our K-12 students. Submissions should present projects or curriculum design aimed at expanding student interest in STEM learning, through an exploration of the connection between science and its civic or social impact. Our particular interest is to facilitate our colleagues’ creativity and exploration of such projects on their own campuses, through encounters with your model and experiences, particularly through the lessons you have learned in doing this important work. Submit your ideas at

    • 22 Apr 2017
    • 12:00 AM - 11:30 PM
    • Washington, DC

    We have heard that many of our colleagues are planning to take part in the March for Science in Washington, DC on April 22 or one of the many satellite marches planned around the world to support evidence-based decision making and to safeguard the practice of science for future generations.

    If you are planning to be in DC for the March on April 22 and are interested in walking with colleagues from this community, please let us know! Members of the NCSCE DC staff will be marching to support these efforts and we are happy to see all of you who plan to be in town on April 22. We'll set a location to meet once the route is announced, and we can provide tips to help you navigate local public transportation if you are traveling here from out of town.

    If you would like to connect with us in DC on April 22, please complete this form. We will only send emails and information about the March to people who complete the form.

    Please note, you must be at least 18 years old (or the age of majority in your state) to complete this form.

    • 04 May 2017
    • 4:00 PM
    • 05 May 2017
    • 7:30 PM
    • Stony Brook University

    This symposium, with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, will bring together a cross-disciplinary group of scholars, researchers, funders, and practitioners to explore the historical, ethical, civic, and cultural implications of the expanding technological phenomenon of “big data.” Its goal is to identify significant issues, approaches, resources and formats for public humanities programming that would engage audiences in understanding and investigating this topic.

    The symposium will begin in late afternoon on May 4 and conclude with an evening reception on May 5. Most events will occur at the Institute for Advanced Computational Science on Stony Brook’s campus. The National Center will reimburse travel and provide meals and hotel accommodation for two nights, plus a modest honorarium to each participant. We envision a lively and productive meeting.

    • 03 Aug 2017
    • 4:00 PM
    • 06 Aug 2017
    • 5:00 PM
    • Stony Brook University

    This form is for individuals, groups, and teams to register to attend SSI 2017. The SSI 2017 registration process will give us a sense of the interests, goals, and talents, that you bring to the Institute, along with the logistical information needed to make your experience comfortable and enjoyable. You will also be able to propose a poster or concurrent session as part of the registration process.

Past events

29 Mar 2017 Using Concepts from Cognitive Development to Design More Effective Learner-Centered Curricula
16 Mar 2017 Maximizing Collective Impact Through Cross-Sector Partnerships: Planning a SENCER and NISE Net Collaboration
15 Mar 2017 Images, Mathematics, Imagination Webinar
02 Feb 2017 SCI-Southwest Spring 2017 Regional Meeting
29 Oct 2016 SCI Mid-Atlantic Fall 2016 Regional Meeting - Penn State Lehigh Valley
21 Oct 2016 The Ecosystem of Science Communication: Communicating the Science Solution
15 Oct 2016 SCI Mid-Atlantic Fall 2016 Regional Meeting - Suffolk County Community College
13 Oct 2016 STEM and Politics - Before and After Tuesday, November 8, 2016
05 Oct 2016 Planning Report for 2016 Post-Institute Implementation Award
05 Oct 2016 Progress Report for 2015 Post-Institute Implementation Award
27 Sep 2016 Final Report for 2015 Post-Institute Implementation Award
23 Sep 2016 Far Beyond STEM: Integrating the Arts, Humanities and STEM
24 Aug 2016 When Partnerships Work: Creating Community and Civic Engagement through Interdisciplinary Research at an Historic Urban Zoo
05 Aug 2016 SSI 2016 Post-Institute Implementation Award Application
28 Jul 2016 SSI 2016 Registration
05 May 2016 Evidence Matters: Using the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning to Tell the Story of Curriculum Development
23 Apr 2016 SCI-Chesapeake Bay 2016 Spring Regional Meeting
12 Apr 2016 Planning and Running a SENCER Meeting on Campus: The Basics
22 Mar 2016 Creating a Global Initiative: Strategies, Designs, and Implementation
09 Mar 2016 Planning Report for 2015 Post-Institute Implementation Award
08 Mar 2016 Using Civic Questions to Integrate the Humanities and STEM
29 Feb 2016 Final Report for 2014 Post-Institute Implementation Award
26 Feb 2016 Science Communication, Critical Thinking, and Social Media: Sparking Student Dialogue
12 Feb 2016 SCI Central Plains SENCER Presentations
29 Jan 2016 SCI-Southwest Spring 2016 Regional Meeting
25 Jan 2016 Final Report for 2013 Post-Institute Implementation Award
01 Jan 2016 2016 SENCER Leadership Fellows Application Form
01 Jan 2016 2016 SENCER Leadership Fellows Nomination Form
27 Oct 2015 NCSCE Webinar: Facilitating Difficult & Strategic Conversations
24 Oct 2015 2015 Fall SCI-Midwest Regional Meeting
16 Oct 2015 Challenges of the 21st Century
27 Sep 2015 2015 NCSCE Washington Symposium and ISE National Meeting
17 Sep 2015 Subaward Budget Change
03 Aug 2015 SSI 2015 Monday Workshop Sign-up
03 Aug 2015 SSI 2015 Post-Institute Implementation Award Application
02 Aug 2015 SSI 2015 Sunday Activity Sign-up
26 Jun 2015 Leadership Fellows Report and Renewal Form
24 Jun 2015 Enduring Understandings Webinar
28 May 2015 2015 NCSCE Department Chairs Meeting
26 May 2015 Enduring Understandings
24 Apr 2015 Wicked Problems In Science And Health: Teaching/Learning Opportunities
18 Apr 2015 2015 Spring SCI-New England Regional Meeting
27 Mar 2015 2015 SENCER Summer Institute Registration
14 Mar 2015 2015 Spring SCI-Midwest Regional Meeting
28 Feb 2015 SCI-West 2015 University of Hawaii Meeting
24 Feb 2015 Outreach Report for Post-Institute Implementation Award
27 Jan 2015 Planning Report for 2014 Post-Institute Implementation Award
27 Jan 2015 Progress Report for 2013 Post-Institute Implementation Award
23 Jan 2015 SCI-Southwest Spring 2015 Regional Conference
01 Jan 2015 SSI 2015 Pre-Registration
15 Nov 2014 2014 SCI-West Fall Regional Meeting
15 Nov 2014 Wicked Problems In Science And Health: Teaching/Learning Opportunities
15 Nov 2014 SENCER and Teaching with Technology
03 Nov 2014 SSI 2015 Application
10 Oct 2014 SENCER and Engaging Mathematics
28 Sep 2014 2014 NCSCE Washington Symposium
29 Aug 2014 SENCER Leadership Fellows Application Form
29 Aug 2014 SENCER Leadership Fellows Nomination Form
15 Aug 2014 SSI 2014 Post-Institute Implementation Award Application
01 Aug 2014 2014 SENCER Summer Institute - Sponsored Local Educators
31 Jul 2014 2014 SENCER Summer Institute
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