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SENCER Census 2022

Greetings SENCER community. As most of you know NCSCE is now an independent non-profit organization, a transition that allows us more flexibility and autonomy in programming, funding, and planning. In an effort to assess the increasing diversity of our participants and their widening range of activity and expertise, we're conducting this census to get a clearer picture of the community. It's long overdue!

We hope that this will help us support generative collaborations and networking, and generate programming and content that will better support your efforts going forward. We also hope to be able to celebrate and promote your excellent work in advancing civically engaged science education across the learning ecosystem.

The census is also designed to identify those with a strong interest in leadership roles within the SENCER community as we move to a more distributed and participatory organizational model. In the census, you'll be asked to identify which new role best fits your interest and professional needs as we restructure the project. We have identified three new roles open to participants- SENCER Ambassadors, Diplomats, and Scholars.

Ambassadors - These are educators who are advocates for SENCER at their institutions. They will commit to connecting us to their institution centers for professional/faculty development/civic engagement and assist us with offering workshops at their home institutions and others.

Diplomats - These are faculty who are moving beyond the US and advocating the SENCER ideals abroad. Like the ambassadors, the diplomats will also agree to connect us to their communities and elevate and celebrate their partners' work at SSI 2022.

Scholars - These are educators actively engaged in the scholarship of teaching and learning or discipline-based education research. The scholars will meet regularly to help the community publish their work and seek grants and funding.

Don’t forget as if you join NCSCE as a Member you will be signaling your commitment to the project and your interest in shaping what we are calling SENCER.2.0. From helping with regional meetings and serving on panels, to advocating for SENCER in your departments - all help is welcome and celebrated. 

We are retiring the current Fellows program and will be asking you all to reapply for one of the above roles. The information you provide in the census will enable us to be more responsive and dynamic, increase our contact with you, generate and sustain collaborations, and develop research as to our effectiveness and collective impact. If at any time you're not sure of what you're being asked here, please reach out to Davida or Eliza and we'll get back to you. You do not need to have an answer to all the questions, answer what you can. Thanks for doing this!

Big thanks to our community members who helped us tune and improve this survey: Jay Labov, Drew Seig, Heather Pelzel, Trace Jordan, Jessica Monaghan, Monica Devanas, and Kathy Browne.

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