Images, Mathematics, Imagination Webinar

  • 15 Mar 2017
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


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Join us for an upcoming webinar discussion on a new project proposed by Dr. Frank Wattenberg: Images, Mathematics, and Imagination!

IMAGES, MATHEMATICS, IMAGINATION will be a community of practice and a digital library of resources providing students new powers of visual expression and communication. In our Nation today and, indeed, in the world this project is essentially neutral. It does not take sides. Nonetheless, we expect that as we learn more about each other we will choose to build bridges rather than walls and we will develop a sense of shared community and shared destiny that will lead to better decisions on immigration, refugees, environmental issues and health care. 

The fundamental problem facing our country is failed communication and the consequent lack of understanding. This project will empower our students to tell their stories using cell phone photographs and computer-generated imagery, animations, and interactive simulations. Along the way, they will learn mathematics and come to appreciate both its power and beauty.

A few examples of projects that may be developed include:

·       Using ‘green-screening” and other digital tricks to show how different people see different things in the same setting based on their life circumstances – for example, dragging an avatar of a family with a recently unemployed father, still employed mother, and two still well-dressed children into a brightly-colored photograph of one of their favorite places might cause the scene to go black-and-white except for the sign with the now prohibitive prices of admission.

·       Virtual Kaleidoscopes – celebrating diversity with pebbles of people pictures creating striking imagery in which mirrors replace barriers.

·       Photomosaics – This project is particularly suitable for classes. Students take their own individual photographs that become the tiles in a large mosaic, metaphorically showing the power of teamwork.

We need teachers at all levels leading their students as they tell their own stories. Students will take photographs using cell phone cameras. They will use these photographs to create images, animations, and interactive simulations telling about and sharing their lives, aspirations, and fears. Along the way they will learn some mathematics and science and develop skills that will help them prepare for fulfilling careers. The IMAGES, MATHEMATICS, IMAGINATION library will be a place to share stories as well as tools for visual storytelling.

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