SSI 2014 Post-Institute Implementation Award Application

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Dates and Budget

September 19, 2014

The maximum amount for a sub-award is $3,000. The start date for proposed projects should be January 1, 2015.

Sub-Award Projects

These sub-awards are intended to promote the implementation of projects with an emphasis on developing measurable and achievable goals and innovative plans to acquire evidence of project outcomes. Potential projects appropriate for sub-award applications include course/program development or redesign, campus-based faculty development initiatives, outreach to institutions or colleagues new to SENCER, or research into student learning, among others.

The National Center has an NSF-endorsed goal of bringing new institutions into the SENCER program. Thus, we are especially interested in proposals that include outreach to new institutions, multi-institutional collaborations, and proposals that lead to deeper engagement by institutions that have had only minimal contact with SENCER to date. 

Successful applicants would include those who propose:

(1) planning activities that lead to full team applications to SSI 2015 or 2016,

(2) outreach to new institutions (especially community colleges) with whom the applicant institution has substantial transfer activity (or vice versa: outreach by community colleges to baccalaureate degree granting institutions),

(3) multi-institutional team development activities that include institutions new to SENCER or complex civic challenges not yet represented in the portfolio of SENCER model courses and programs, and

(4) projects that apply the SENCER ideals to introductory courses designed for students intending to major in the STEM fields or “linked-courses” or learning communities designed to pair teaching methods courses (teacher pre-service training) with introductory courses in the basic sciences.


Teams of 4 or More Members Present at SSI 2014

The primary category, as communicated in early SSI 2014 information, includes teams of 4 or more members present at SSI 2014. To be eligible to apply for a sub-award:

·       A team must have had at least four team members in attendance at SSI 2014 (colleagues who were not able to attend the Institute may, however, be part of the implementation plan), and

·       All team members present at the Institute must have completed the SSI 2014 online evaluation.

Groups of 2 or 3 and Individual Representatives

Following the teams that met the criteria described above, applications will be considered by groups of two or three, and individual Institute participants. Applications must be submitted by the same deadline for consideration. As with the teams:

·       The group or individual must have been in attendance at SSI 2014, and

·       The individual or group members must have completed the SSI 2014 online evaluation.

Engaging Mathematics and SENCER-ISE Partners

Engaging Mathematics and SENCER-ISE partners in attendance at SSI 2014 may submit applications for post-Institute implementation awards. However, the plan proposed for a subaward must meet all criteria mentioned above, and may not be used to support a project that is already supported with a SENCER-ISE or Engaging Mathematics grant. If you have questions about what will or will not be considered, please contact the National Office with your questions.

Application Guidelines

Questions on the sub-award application will request:

·       Information on what you plan to do, who the target audience will be, and who will be involved.

·       A plan as to how you will evaluate the impact and success of the course or program.

·       A plan of dissemination to the SENCER community and other audiences.

·       A budget for the two-year term of the grant.

Please note: If you have received an implementation award in the past, a request for funding must be for a wholly new project.  Funding is not granted to simply support continuation of a past project.  Also, a given institution may submit only one application for an award per year. If a request is to support course or program development or revision, SENCER requires that the SENCER-SALG be used as part of the evaluation method.

Allowable Use of Funds

Funds may not be used for anything prohibited by the National Science Foundation, such as the purchase of alcohol. Funds may not be used to reimburse travel to SSI 2014 (or any previous Institute), or for any other costs occurring before the sub-award term begins. Indirect costs are not an allowable expense.

Funds may be used for planned attendance at future SENCER meetings (regional or national) or to disseminate project achievements to disciplinary meetings, etc., in addition to the goals of outreach described above. If travel is included in the requested budget, please note that NSF guidelines mandate the purchase of economy fares.

Review and Notification

Applications will be reviewed following receipt of applications by the deadline. Applicants will be notified of the status of their sub-award applications on October 30, 2014

Applications received by the deadline that fulfill all eligibility requirements will be reviewed and evaluated by a panel. Applications that do not respond to required questions or fail to meet the guidelines will not be considered for funding. Successful applicants will have a planning call with SENCER staff following notification of the award. After the call, awardees will submit a planning document noting any changes or responses to review panel questions. Awardees will also submit a progress report after the first year of the grant, and a final report after the second year.

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